About us

KENO is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle components for cars and trucks. We are continuously developing future-orientated products that meet the ever-growing demands of modern markets.

By investing in new technology we are able to improve our manufacturing, research and products to ensure the highest quality and driving safety. KENO products are highly regarded by customers and automotive industry experts worldwide.

piston_rings hydraulic_tensioners vvel_drive
Piston Rings Hydraulic Tensioners VVEL Drive
 hydraulic_tappets  oil_pumps  oil_and_fuel_filters
Hydraulic Tappets Oil Pumps Oil and Fuel Filters
 electric_fuel_pumps  water_pumps  magnetic_fan_drive_couplers
Electric Fuel Pumps Water Pumps Magnetic Fan Drive Couplers
 clutches  clutch_and_brake_cylinders  shock_absorbers
Clutches Clutch and Brake Cylinders Shock Absorbers
brake_pads vacuum_servos ignition_distributors
Brake Pads Vacuum Servos Ignition Distributors
ht_leads starters  
HT Leads Starters