Engineering and tests

When developing new components, KENO engineeringspecialists always strive to create products which are superior in operating parameters, reliability, and lifetime to existing vehicle components. To do this we analyse weaknesses in commercially available components in order to be able to overcome these in the future through the use of high-quality materials, precision manufacturing, or designs with increased safety margins.

So, with KENO components and solutions, you can be assured of the most modern technology, which may not always be the case with the original vehicle equipment, because of cost, low standards, the materials used or for other reasons.

KENO’s quality control for every component is multi-level and implemented throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

An initial ‘primary sample’ is checked carefully. Only if it meets all our rigorous criteria is the full production run of components started. Company specialists continue to monitor the subsequent production to ensure consistently high quality. Before being delivered to the customer, spot checks or full inspections of product batches are carried out to confirm that only faultless products leave our warehouse.

For this purpose our expert staff carry out testsan initial analysis in our test laboratory, then, third-party inspection agencies carry out their own independent checks. Additionally, KENO uses its own well-established practical tests. For these the KENO components are installed, for example, in taxis or delivery vehicles. Here, their large numbers of short journeys under different road conditions provide us with optimum test conditions.

The rigor and impartiality of these trials by the test vehicle drivers guarantee the consistently high quality of KENO components.